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KMHS Pirate Radio

KMHS Pirate Radio

KMHS Pirate Radio


Coos Bay School District owns and operates two radio stations, operating on three frequencies.

91.3 FM KMHS Is a non-commercial educational station (NCE). An NCE is a radio station or television station that does not accept on-air advertisements (TV ads or radio ads), as defined in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and was originally intended to offer educational programming as part, or whole, of its programming. NCE stations do not pay broadcast license fees for their non-profit uses of the radio spectrum. These stations are still subject to various regulatory fees as set by the FCC, required music royalties for any over the air and over the internet use of licensed music, and other expenses associated with operating the station(s).  Stations which are almost always operated as NCE include public broadcasting, community radio, and college/high school radio, as well as many religious broadcasting stations. Nearly all Non-Commercial radio stations derive their financial support from listener donations, corporate support, grants and endowments.

The station has most recently be playing a CHR (Top 40) music format with announcements and promotions produced by the students of Marshfield High School participating in the broadcasting classes. The license for 91.3 KMHS was granted in 2008.

AM 1420 & 105.1 FM KMHS Is a commercial radio station operating on AM 1420 with translator (a lower powered signal used to repeat programming from another source) K286CR at 105.1 FM. These stations make most of their revenue by selling airtime to be used for running radio advertisements. These advertisements are the result of a business or a service providing a valuable consideration, usually money, in exchange for the station airing their commercial or mentioning them on air. The most common advertisements are “spot commercials”, which normally last for no more than one minute, and longer programs, commonly running up to one hour, known as “informercials” or long form programming. In addition radio stations generate non-traditional revenue (NTR) through various means. NTR can be generated from promotions, events, and services not related to over the air marketing to name a few. The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), established under the Communications Act of 1934, regulates commercial broadcasting, and the laws regarding radio advertisements remain relatively unchanged from the Radio Act of 1927. In 2015, radio accounted for 7.8% of total U.S. media expenditures. These revenues are used to support daily operation of a broadcast business. Expenses associated include; FCC regulatory fees, licensing, music royalties paid to various organizations representing composers of the licensed music used in day to day broadcasts, staff, equipment, maintenance, equipment and their own marketing among other expenses.

The station has most recently be playing a blend of classic and contemporary Country music with announcements and promotions produced by the students of Marshfield High School participating in the broadcasting classes. Pirate Country is also the home of Marshfield High School sports broadcasts. The station also employs professional services relating to sports broadcasts and marketing of KMHS programming. AM 1420 originally signed on in February of 1992 as KYNG before changing its call letters to KRSR the following month. The station changed call letters again in 1997, the year Coos Bay Schools took over the station, to the current KMHS.

The broadcasting program, while owned by Coos Bay Schools, has been operated since 1997 with the stipulation that the program be self supporting financially. Thanks to the generous support of the community and various businesses over the years KMHS has continued to meet and exceed that standard.

High School Radio

High School Radio stations across the country continue operating and educating future communicators every day. Right here in Oregon you can find the oldest operating High School Radio Station, KBPS AM, at Portland’s Benson High School. Students helped purchase the equipment to launch the station and went to air in March of 1923. Celebrating more than 100 years of service to their community. While there are hundreds of school operated stations across the nation, Oregon boasts only a handful today. KMHS is proud to be a part of that legacy. Learn more about student broadcasting, and consider becoming a supporter today by listening or making a donation.

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